The 2022 Sunshine State ​POW WOW

March 17th - 20th


State Pow Wow Chief - Stephen Engasser (Buffalo Burger)

Contact Info: 954-551-1987

State Pow Wow ​Medicine Man - John Dinnis (Rambo)

Contact Info:

Seminole Nation Chief - Jeremy Noble (Mr. Rogers)

Wampum - Todd Link (Big Twisting River )
Wampum - Will Knote (Big Thunder)
Property Keeper - Justin Fleck (Johnny Utah) 
Budget - Jeremy Noble (Mr. Rogers )
War Games - Amir Litman
Hospitality - Mark Kaplan (Renegade)
Merchandise - Robert Sierra (Fogata)

Safety Security - Oscar Leon (Morning Wind)
Safety Security - Neil Bianchini (Fire Marshall Bill) 
Safety Security Bill Partlan (Stinky Wild Dog)
Raffle - Henrik Johannsen (Twinkle Toes)
Raffle - Jerry Massarella (Pops)
Sound - Craig Pugatch
Website - Hank Sheldon (Braveheart )
Registration - Mike Bernbaum (El Jefe)
Entertainment - Jason Taibl (Homeboy)
Photography - Matt Lagrotte (Doritohead )

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